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Plagued Minds is a psychological horror game in which the plague has affected many people. You play as the local doctor, tasked with helping these poor people survive. In order to save your infected husband, you must collect ingredients, craft medicine and use the other sufferers as test subjects...

Plagued Minds was developed for my first year, major production assessment at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. It was developed over 21 days by a  team of two designers, three artists and two programmers (The Gatekeepers).

This project is still being polished and will be updated gradually. Plans for necessary fixes can be found inside the downloadable zip.

Thank you!

Updated 2 days ago
Published 7 days ago
StatusOn hold
AuthorsIsla Combridge, Renae Aurisch
TagsPsychological Horror, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Once the file is downloaded and unzipped, please read the 'PLEASE READ' and the 'Plagued Minds Control Legend" text files before playing the game.


Plagued Minds Build 8-10-2019.zip 268 MB


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